Got the FUN Morning Show cruise coming up on May 2nd, and it's about time for me to lose some weight. I'm already well on my way, and Body By Vi is a great addition to me getting healthy, losing weight, and getting more energy.

About a month ago I said to myself, "self, aren't you tired of squeezing yourself in size 40 jeans?" The warmer weather is coming and nothing feels better than to fit better in the clothes you have, and maybe even getting a new wardrobe because everything's falling off of you. Sorry for the visual.

Here's the deal. They gave me the "transformation kit" which takes you through this weight loss journey. There's the Vi-Shape Shake Mix that's soy protein that you take for breakfast and lunch mixing in some delicious flavors like strawberry, chocolate, orange, peach, and more! It really tastes good!

Since my metabolism has been asleep since the late 90's, The Vi-Slim really wakes it up, burns the fat, and jumpstarts your metabolism back up.

Body By Vi also gave me some Omega Vitals softgels that also contribute to the omega benefits your body needs, and the Vi-Trim curbs those hunger cravings without the caffeine.

At the end of each day, I just eat some chicken, turkey, or fish which keeps my proteins lean and with exercise and bottles of water, eating fruits and vegetables for snacks, the weight drops like crazy.

When I started a month ago I was 273, and dropped to 265 by the time I started using Body By Vi two weeks ago. Now, I'm at 256 and couldn't be more full of energy, happier how my clothes fit, and might be able to reach my goal of 250 by the time we leave for the cruise on May 2nd.

If you want more information on the Body By Vi challenge, just click the link to learn more or call Sara Santos at 508-542-5029, and don't forget to check back to see how my progress is going.

UPDATE - 5/1

I have lost 20 lbs. since beginning my Body By Vi challenge, and I couldn't feel any better and more energetic!