How many of you saw the words "root canal" and cringed. Yeah, it may me cringe too and it happened to me.

I hate the dentist. No matter how gentle and easy-going they are, it's clearly the modern day version of medieval torture. Recently, I had some cavities filled in, all part of a three step process, to get my dental health back on track.

Stage 2 is probably the most painful one, or ones since I have to get two root canals done. The first one was performed earlier today, I will say, no pain happened during the event itself. The pain lies more in the healing afterwards. Thankfully, the dentist gave me pain killers to make it a tiny bit more bearable.

Lying in the dentist chair just stinks. Of course, I left my iPhone back at the radio station, so I couldn't just listen to music, so for an hour I had to just wait for pain to hit me at any time, which it didn't, and then listen to that drill again and again.

I can't wait for my second root canal coming up in a few weeks. Hopefully, you can pick up the sarcasm because I'm laying it on pretty thick.