Here's something you don't see everyday, especially around here! How does a very large bobcat get over the canal to the Cape? Scientists and officials are baffled. According to, Chris LeBoeuf of North Falmouth has produced live footage of a lynx rufus or North American Bobcat after spotting it at his home on Teneycke Hill Road. This is the first confirmed bobcat sighting on Cape Cod since the Colonial era.

The bobcat, which is much larger than a house cat, was perched on a rock overlooking his back yard with what Mr. LeBoeuf described as a very intense hunting type of stare. The wild cat might have been hunting a mouse or other small rodant, he then flipped on his headlights to get a better photo, the unusual visiter to his surprise, stayed right where it was. Mr. LeBoeuf thought that the bobcat might have been using his car headlights to help it hunt. This is cool because bobcats were once native to the Cape before European settlement. It eventually ran off, but not before it was captured on a 33-second video. Some really cool local footage here!