Turns out Kanye West might not be a dad after all. That's all thanks to Kris Humphries playing hardball in his divorce from Kim Kardashian.

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KABC in Los Angeles reports that according to California law, Kris Humphries is actually the father of the spawn that is brewing inside of Kim Kardashian. Just a little more weird on top of this already bizarre relationship sundae.

Because the couple is still legally married, California recognizes that Humphries, not Kanye West, is the father. The law states that a man is recognized as the natural father of a baby if the man is married to the mother and the baby is born during the marriage, or 300 days after it ends.

Humphries claims that he was 'duped' into the marriage to promote Kardashian's reality show. Right now both sides aren't budging on a divorce settlement. Right now, it looks like this little bundle of horror will be born before anything is settled between Humphries and Kardashian.