Don't you wish finding someone was easier?  There's so much to it, where to go, what to say, how to know if they are interested, how to keep them interested, etc.

Well, we can help you out a little bit in that area!  We're hosting a 'Kiss Me I'm Single' party at White's of Westport for any and all singles looking to meet someone!

I totally get it.  Trust me, before I met my husband, I was convinced that all men were evil and that I would never find a good one.  I just met so many jerks, it seemed impossible!  Well, the good news is, they aren't all jerks, and you never know where you could find the person for you!  So why not give the singles' party a shot?  Even if you don't meet your future spouse, it'll still be tons of fun, you'll get a night out, and maybe even win some cool prizes from Fun 107!

Hope you'll join us for 'Kiss Me I'm Single'!  Click here for all the details you'll need: