When people hear the word "corporate" they think of suits, muckety-mucks, stiff shirts if you will.  To be honest, that's always been my experience with the "c" word. Until now. This week, Fun 107 got a little visit from the corporate digital team. In they sauntered with their fancy glasses, Powerpoint presentations and policies on how to do our jobs better. So far, so corporate.

While I do host the night show, I also moonlight as the station's digital sales manager. So after a day of plugging away with our new Townsquare Media digital leaders, I was invited to dinner with them. We took them to try the areas finest seafood.

Something happens at 6:00pm. Much like Cinderella's carriage turning into a pumpkin, our corporate mentors transformed into, dare I say, cool kids? I took them to The Rose Alley in Downtown New Bedford and there did our corporate digital content manager (let's call him Chuck) blossom. In the glory of his air guitar strumming, Chuck kept on rocking in the free world. Check out the video.

Chuck, Todd, and Jared. Thanks for showing New Bedford the NEW corporate.