On Saturday morning. I joined the FUN 107 Street Team at Honey Dew Donuts in Fairhaven.  It was their Customer Appreciation Day and a good time was had by all.

I also had my first-ever juggle lesson.  Flippo The Clown entertained those who stopped by with his magic tricks, balloon animals and with his juggling act.  

After a few minutes, I was actually able to juggle two balls for a very few seconds.  Flippo said with weeks of practice I could probably juggle three or four at a time.  He said its all about the concentration and the coordination.

He actually teaches juggling at an adult education class near Worcester.  He said a lot of professional people who face a lot of stress in the workplace have taken his class.   Flippo told me that his classes have included surgeons, police officers and airline pilots.    he explained that when you are juggling, you are completely in the moment.  No time to think about other issues you may be "juggling" in life.   As the sign on the front of the Flippomobile says "Life is a struggle if you don't juggle."