The Justin Timberlake and Jay Z concert conquered all of Boston this past Saturday and Sunday bringing not only the best of the best in music, but also letting celebrities experience the Boston nightlife! You can imagine everyone's excitement after hearing a rumor that Jay Z was planning to party with NBA stars Kevin Durant and Chris Paul at Bijou nightclub and lounge. Well, that actually happened, and we have the photo evidence.

Jay Z at Bijou in Boston. Photo courtesy George Aboujaoude

Looks like Jay Z had many things to celebrate when he came to Boston this weekend. Not only is the Justin Timberlake and Jay Z Legends of the Summer tour selling out shows everywhere but his album - in my opinion - is the hottest new album to be released so far this summer.

After Saturdays show in Fenway Jay Z decided to celebrate with plenty of friends at the Bijou nightclub and lounge in Boston. Its been said by people who where there that night that Jay Z was very nice and seemed completely relaxed as he enjoyed a few drinks with friends.

Sounds like Jay Z is the definition of "Mess with me, you know I've got it!"

Jay Z entering the Bijou nightclub. Photo courtesy George Aboujaoude