If you've ever spent any time in beautiful Fairhaven, you just may have seen a man walking his small silver dog. Yes, I know you did a double-take.  The dog is on wheels.  It looks like a man walking a toy dog.  The man's name is Joe, and his dog is called "Techno".

Hardly a day goes by when Joe isn't out there with his best friend.  As a matter of fact Joe told me that he and Techno put over one-thousand miles on those little wheels last year.   So what's the story behind the man and his robotic dog?   Joe has arthritis.  He was told that it would not be long before he would be in a wheelchair.   Joe says "I took one look at the chair, and said I'd rather use the wheels on the dog."    So Joe and Techno do their daily walk around parts of Fairhaven.  No dog food, no fleas, not vet bills, and no pooper scooper.   Joe is as normal and down to earth as any of us.  A nice man with his best friend.   So now you know.