It was the kiss seen 'round the world, but just two weeks after the superstar smooch there is backlash brewing. Could a Miley Cyrus/Katy Perry feud being underway?

If you missed the photos of Katy Perry puckering up to Miley Cyrus during the Los Angeles stop of Cyrus' Bangerz Tour you can check them out here...

The kiss makes everything look kosher and consensual, but in videocaptured from the

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concert, Perry looks very shocked halfway through their smooch and literally runs away from Miley.

And Katy was in fact quite shocked..shocked that Miley went in for some tongue.

As Katy told an Australian TV show, she was not expecting the tongue, nor did she want the tongue (and really who cam blame her), teasing about where that infamous tongue had been.

But what was a jokey interview moment has apparently rubbed Cyrus the wrong way.

According to PopCrush's Amy Sciarretto Miley has since sent out a series of tweets about the kiss, and they are not so sweet.

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She calls out Katy's ex John Mayer saying it's a good thing he's an ex if she's worried about where tongues have been. And even tweeted a drawing of the kiss a fan sent her taunting Katy and telling her to stop denying she liked the kiss.

So is this a silly celebrity feud beginning to brew or are these pop stars just bad at joking with each other?

To me Katy Perry's comments seemed fairly innocent and Miley may have reacted a bit too harshly to them. But as far as Cyrus firing back, I don't think Katy will pay any attention to that. Perry seems a little too smart to start a feud with Miley, especially while she's at the top of her game and has nothing to gain from it.

So do you think this is a battle that will continue to brew or more likely just Miley looking for more attention?

**Update: Apparently Katy has responded to Miley Cyrus and color me surprised. Continuing what may have just been a big joke all along, Perry tweeted to Miley that she would be getting a "spanking" when these pop stars see each other in London.

And now I am all the more convinced that these celebrities do these things just to get us all talking. And on me it worked! Dang it!