I've known many, many people who have suffered with a kidney stone at least once.  I have been very lucky in that I've never had that happen to me, until this past weekend.

I woke up early Saturday morning with the most incredible pain I've ever felt.  This comes from  someone with a high pain tolerance.  I rarely ask for Novocain when I'm having dental work done, as the drill only last for seconds, but the numbness of Novocain last for hours.      

But this pain in my lower abdomen was more sharp and severe than any I had ever experienced.  I thought it was appendicitis until I looked online for the symptom and realize it was a kidney stone.   I was shaky and sweaty.   Michael Rock told me he knows women who have experience both a kidney stone and childbirth, and they say the stone was much more painful than giving birth.   If the opposite were true, I can't imagine that many babies would be born.    

I was lucky though.  Before I went to the ER to get pain meds, the stone apparently went elsewhere and the pain suddenly stopped.   I will do whatever it takes to never have to experience that again.