Pet owners all have one thing in common, we love our fur babies!

Whether it's cats, dogs, rabbits, or any other furry family member, we all love our pets. They are a part of the family! One thing you might not love though, is how much it costs to have your furry companion! Between the cost of food, litter (if you have cats), toys, treats and vet bills, it all adds up, and quick! Here are some tips on how to keep costs down while still giving your pet all the love they deserve!

Prevent Now, Save the vet that is. If you take your animal once per year for a regular check-up, that will save you in the long run. If you wait until there's a problem to take your animal to the vet, that's when things get costly. Try to prevent problems by regular check ups, just like you would with yourself or a family member!

Keep Your Pets Weight In Check...Did you know more than 50% of cats and dogs are overweight? That's not good! Animals carrying extra weight can eventually develop health problems (just like humans!) like arthritis or diabetes...which are expensive to treat. Act now, by feeding your pet the right portions at meal time and that leads me to my next tip!

Buy Your Furry Friends Quality Food...Please don't just go to Wal-Mart and grab the cheapest brand you can find. It's likely made up of fillers and just plain garbage that is in no way good for your pet! Look at labels, do research, feed them high quality, healthy food. You can shop around for the best price either in various pet stores or you can buy food online! That's what I do, and I get great deals, check out, you're welcome!

Planning A Trip?  Make Room For One More... Most people think when they go on vacation, they need to make expensive accommodations for their pet(s) to stay behind.  Not necessarily true!  Kennels are expensive, and eh, I don't know that I trust them...but that's just me.  So, maybe bring your dog with you on vacation!  You know dogs love car rides, and some hotels are even pet friendly!  I don't think I'd recommend this for cats, as I have four, and they all hate the car.  They always assume car rides mean vet trips, because usually that's right!  To find a hotel that is pet friendly, check out!