Valentine's Day might be one of the most loved, and hated holidays of all time. You'll have to brace yourself because a variety of love/hate posts are coming to you via social media, whether you like it or not. So here is a quick guide to figuring out where people stand as far as relationships go on this holiday that is dedicated to true love.

1. Single Awareness Posts


If someone is posting about 'Happy Singles Awareness Day', then chances are they have been burned a few times on Valentine's Day, or are just really depressed that they don't have someone to spend the day with. Just ignore them. They hate all holidays, and will try and ruin them for you too.

2. Generic Valentine's Day Post


This person might be single, or may just be in a happy relationship. Either way, they are just being nice. we can appreciate this. Thanks for the wishes!

3. Just Broke Up


This person has just gotten out of a relationship, and is surrounded by things that say love. They have shut off their emotions for the outside world, but you know they are crying themselves to sleep listening to 'All By Myself'. Cheer up lil' fella.

4. The Single Guy


Meet the single guy, who all to often makes it clear that he is single. Valentine's Day is no different. 'There are plenty of fish in seas blah blah blah..'

5. The Single Girl


She will lie to your face and say she doesn't care about this holiday, but deep down she is miserable. It's only one day, we think you can make it.