Here is another story that has national attention right now. The classic senior prank, it's been happening at high schools all over the country since the 1940's! Always in good fun, but one small high school in Kentucky isn't laughing. As a matter fact, they are quite upset, so much so, the kids who pulled it off, will not graduate with their class.


This eruption of emotions comes from East Carter High School in Grayson, Ky. The punishment is deemed too extreme by classmates, parents — and even a state senator.Principal Larry Kiser says the critters were expensive to clean up after, so the punishment stands. The students would not receive their diplomas until they had coughed up a collective $600 fine. "We've been to school with them since we were in diapers. It's not fair to us to not have them there with us," Alissa Lawson told WSAZ.

Robin Webb, a KY state senator who attended the school, sided with the jokers.

"Graduation is one of those lifetime milestones and these kids with no previous records of any sort, I think it's a little overreaching," he added.

What do you think? Punishment too harsh, or no punishment is needed because we don't have money to waste?