As I'm sure you have seen, heard or read, the Borough of Staten Island in New York was especially hard hit last week by Hurricane Sandy.  As of today, there are still hundreds of families who are in need of the basic everyday supplies the rest of us take for granted.  Christopher Trivino is a former New York City police officer who grew up on Staten Island.  He now lives here in the New Bedford area.  Chris, along with Troop 3 Boy Scout Master Carlos Taveira have organized a relief effort to gather those basic things so desperately needed.

They include toiletries, paper towels, wipes, heavy duty garbage bags, gloves and NEW children's clothes.  There are drop boxes being set up at the New Bedford, Acushnet and Fall River police headquarters.   Christopher hopes to send a truck to Staten Island with those supplies by early next week.

Due to infrastructure issues, the Red Cross apparently has had little presence in the neighborhoods hardest hit on Staten Island.  The weather is getting colder and anything you can contribute to help those hundreds and hundreds of families will do a world of good.   If we do what we can to aid  them during their time of crises, and heaven forbid the shoe is ever on the other foot, I'm sure will they will be first in line to help us.