Imagine handing your 10 day old baby over to a team of doctors for open heart surgery.  Now, imagine that the tiny device that these amazing doctors carefully place inside your baby's body needs to be repeatedly replaced until the baby is a full grown adult.  It is a reality for too many parents who's children are born with heart defects.

Now, imagine that there was something YOU could do about it.  There is!  Tomorrow night at the Whaling Museum in New Bedford, I'll be hosting the 7th annual Healing Little Hearts Gala presented by Baby Blanket Suncare.  Every penny that is raised will fund pediatric heart research at Boston Children's Hospital.  Dr. John Mayer heads up the research and says that significant progress has been made over the past several years...and counts the Healing Little Hearts Gala as one of the reasons for that progress. After this weekend, Healing Little Hearts will have raised well over $700,000.

Dr. Mayer's goal is to create a device that would grow as the babies grow, enabling them to perform only one, life threatening heart surgery on the baby instead of many.

If that sounds like a worthy cause, please click the button below to donate directly to Boston Children's Hospital.  As someone who has personally been to see these babies at Boston Children's Hospital, I can tell you that this research WILL save lives. Click to listen to me talk about my personal experience with Healing Little Hearts.