The Boston Bruins were so close to a Stanley Cup they could touch it. But, it was quickly taken away from them in less than 20 seconds. Boston sports fans are disappointed, and I totally get that. Who knows what the future holds for the Boston Celtics, or when they'll be a championship contender again, and the Patriots lost some key players in the off season. There is a positive, though.

The Boston Red Sox are in first place and have been maintaining that spot for most of the season! All over social media I keep seeing people writing that 'the countdown to football season begins' and 'alright, lets go Patriots'. Yes, the Bruins loss was tough, but as of right now you have a pretty good baseball team, so why are you not cheering for them?


I know that you had a rough go of it the last couple of years with the September collapse of  2011 and the unfortunate experiment that was Bobby Valentine, but 2013 looks very bright for Red Sox, and sadly they are being neglected by a fan base I once thought was one of the most passionate in sports.

Yes, the Patriots are gearing up for a promising season, but the Boston Red Sox are already doing that. What happened to the Red Sox fans of 2004? The fired up fans that had been waiting 80 years for a championship. Is that gone now? I'm sure I'll see all of you pop back up come August.