Max the miniature horse that was shot in the leg earlier this month is now recovering from successful surgery.

If you have been following the story of Max the mini horse from Acushnet, you know that when he was shot in the leg back on December 9th, his owner Julie Nightlinger wasn't sure if he would require a prosthetic leg...or even heal at all

Some vets even thought he might have to be put down.

But luckily, after generous donations from those who heard about the situation, more than $13,000 was raised and Max was able to undergo surgery to repair the damaged leg.

Max's surgery took place at Myhre Equine Clinic in New Hampshire. He had pieces of broken bone and bullet fragments removed from the wound and then donated stem cells were used in an attempt to heal the leg.

According to, there was still enough good blood supply to the hoof that it may still be saved from having to be removed and prosthesis used instead.

For now Max will remain in New Hampshire for recovery and the possibility of future surgeries.

The shooting incident that started it all remains under investigation and police are still searching for the shooter.