Do you suffer from Celiac disease? Are you having trouble finding a food pantry that stocks gluten-free products? Pierce's Pantry's mission is to "provide national emergency Gluten-Free food assistance across America" states their website.

Pierce Keegan, founder of Pierce's Pantry, was diagnosed with Celiac disease in 2001. While participating in the Project Bread Walk for Hunger, he wondered how others would be able to receive gluten-free food if they couldn't afford it on their own. So Pierce began his journey to provide safe food for people suffering from gluten intolerance.

Today, Pierce's Pantry, a Massachusetts-based food bank, has partnered with the National Gluten-Free Food Bank Movement in Denver to " help those people who are trapped between Celiac disease and hunger. They're reaching out to food pantries to help them better serve their gluten-free clients by supplying more options and teaching pantries to identify and sort the gluten-free donations that they already have," according to NPR.

As the problem of hunger grows in Massachusetts as well as across the United States, the assistance from food pantries will increase. In fact, Project Bread states, "as of October 2013, there were 501,212 Massachusetts households participating in SNAP.  This number continues to grow."

Therefore, food pantries offering gluten-free options will be necessary for those plagued by gluten intolerance. Visit Pierce's Pantry to find a gluten-free pantry near you and check your eligibility for this assistance.