Boomer Esiason went on his radio show yesterday and had some insensitive things to say about athletes taking paternity leave when their children are born. He thinks that athletes should NOT take paternity leave if it will cause them to miss a game. He criticized the New York Mets 2nd baseman Daniel Murphy, who missed two games this week for the birth of his son. Esiason said that he would have had his wife schedule a c-section if there was a chance the birth could possibly interfere with the game schedule.

These comments really upset Gloria Allred, who fired back at Boomer. She said, "Suggesting that she should risk such a procedure, (which includes the possibility of hemorrhaging and infection), in order that her husband not miss work is insensitive and thoughtless." She also added that the opening day of his son’s life is much more important than the opening day of a baseball season. Allred continued on to say, "Every child should know that their dad thought their birth was more important than anything else in the world and that both of their parents loved and sacrificed for them from the moment of their birth and for the remainder of their life."

She thinks everyone should be commending Murphy and not criticized him for missing games for the birth of his son.