Here's another gem of a story out of Florida, A woman who shared her home with close to 300 animals, which the state SPCA took away Sunday, is reacting to the incident after being arrested.



Joyce Kovacs said she is glad the animals are gone. They belonged to her daughter, Jennifer, and her daughter's boyfriend, Jeffrey O'Neil, who lived with Joyce and wanted to build an ark, a life long dream of the couple. Jennifer Kovacs and O'Neil were arrested for child abuse and animal cruelty. It's pretty clear this woman is as guilty as her daughter and boyfriend.

Animals,including snakes, lizards, and rats were taken from the home after deputies with the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office responded to a call there about a missing infant.

When deputies saw all the animals being held in 88 cages, they described the home as being in deplorable conditions. Some animals were even found dead and half eaten by others. The deputies said that they were being bred and sold without the proper licensing and conditions. Yet another reason why Jerry Springer should have an animal show.