Four episodes into its start, HBO's new drama, The Leftovers has me intrigued. For months during Game Of Thrones, it was one preview after another promoting this series.

So far here's what we know. The show opens with October 14 (three years earlier) when the rapture happened. Two percent of the world's population disappears into thin air with no rhyme or reason as to who was taken and why. A fairly cool and popular concept these days in television. For example Walking Dead and Resurrection are both shows where no one can explain the supernatural occurrences of apocalyptic signs.

Terry Richardson

Fast forward to present time. the show spends its first few episodes introducing you to characters and religious undertones. The town of Mapleton, NY (a fictitious location) and its residents, is where the show is primarily focused.

Reasons to watch:

  1. Ladies, Justin Theroux is a hottie, so tuning in will be pleasurable
  2. The mystery. Where did all of these people go?
  3. The crazy Reverend Matt. Without spoiling too much, he's dead set on blowing up people's spots and attributing God's will to all that is occurring in the world. He has many of the town members angry and with good reason.
  4. The Guilty Remnants: There's a creepy group of stalkers dressed in white that has taken a vow of silence and puffs cigarettes non-stop. I guess if you thought the world was ending, why not smoke a pack of P-funks a day?
  5.  Wayne- This creep sells hugs. His claim is that he can hug the pain out of people.

This show is on every Sunday Night right after True Blood. Or if you can't keep awake past 10:00pm, catch it on HBO GO.