I took on the Ice Bucket Challenge!

It was pretty intense! Michael Rock first heard about the challenge when he was tagged on Facebook by an old friend of his. After you are tagged, you're suppose to grab a bucket filled with water and ice and pour it over your head. This is all to spread awareness for ALS and the person who is tagged has to donate $30 to the charity or if you chicken out, $100.

So during the Fun Morning Show, Michael Rock decided to record his entire challenge and then nominated his sister Janine, news anchor Matt Blanchette, former Red Sox pitcher Brian Rose, his CrossFit trainer Justin Coelho and of course...me!

At first when I was tagged to do the challenge, I actually thought it would be pretty fun. That was until I saw the huge bucket filled with two 10oz bagS of ice! The scariest part was the anticipation leading up to getting the freezing water dumped on me! Once it hit me, it was just a split second of freezing cold, then it wasn't so bad. I took a little while trying to come up with people to nominate for the Ice Bucket Challenge, because I was too busy thinking about how fast I could get out of my wet clothes!

I finally decided that I would nominate Larry from the Fun Morning Show, my husband Matt, Doreen Scanlon from ABC 6 News, as well as Pete Braley and Kasey from the WBSM Morning Show.

Take a look at my Ice Bucket Challenge video below!