May 5, 2018

Additional Information

Lemonade Day returns for the 4th year on Saturday, May 5th!  This year, we've expanded and are now officially Lemonade Day Southcoast. From Mattapoisett to Somerset, families from Greater New Bedford and Greater Fall River areas are invited to participate in this FREE, national program!

Double C's Juicy Lemonade Shack

Kids of all ages will learn to own and operate their own business using the classic kid-business, a lemonade stand model!  Lemonade Day is fun for the entire community; if you're not one of the many kids selling lemonade, you're volunteering at their stand, buying lemonade, or offering to host a stand at your business.

If you've ever found yourself telling your kids "Money doesn't grow on trees" this program is for you!  Lemonade Day teaches kids:

  • How to set short-term personal goals ( paying for a trip, buying an expensive pair of sneakers),
  • The value of a desired item like a pair of expensive sneakers
  • How much 'work' they would need to do to earn the money to pay for a desired item.  
  • The importance of giving back to their local community (philanthropy)

Registration for this event begins in March and is FREE, thanks to our Main Squeeze BayCoast Bank.

For information on how to use the program as a fundraiser for your club, PTO or other group please contact

Lemonade Day Southcoast is part of the National Lemonade Day program based in Houston, TX. It is proudly supported by community sponsors including BayCoast Bank and Frugal Franks in Fall River.