May 6
Greater Fall River

Additional Information

Lemonade Day returns for the 3rd year on Saturday, May 6th, 2017!

This free program is open to kids of all ages who want to learn how to own and operate their own business using the lemonade stand model. Lemonade Day is fun for everyone; if you're not one of the many kids selling lemonade, you're should be out supporting these small businesses and buying lemonade!

Teaching kids about financial literacy can seem daunting but the Lemonade Day program can help get kids started. Lemonade Day teaches kids about setting short-term personal goals ( paying for a trip, buying an expensive pair of sneakers), the value of the desired item and how much 'work' they would need to do to earn that money. 

Registration for this event begins in March and is FREE, thanks to our generous sponsors.

For sponsorship inquiries, information on how to use the program as a fundraiser, or to support Lemonade Day in any other way, please contact

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