Dunkin Donuts...DELIVERY?!?!?!?!?  Prayers have been answered.

It's no secret that New England is known for having a Dunkin Donuts on every corner and Boston has the most!

Bloomberg, Getty Images

But now, if you don't feel like rolling out of bed to go get your coffee and donut, it will come to you!

Boston.com reports that as of this past Monday, if you live in Downtown Boston, Back Bay, Cambridge, or Somerville, you can now have your Dunks delivered right to you through an online delivery service called Foodler.

It'll be brought to you by a delivery service called Dashed which has only struck this kind of a deal with Dunkin Donuts.

Don't get too excited about this service though! In order to get this delivered to your home, it has to be a minimum order of $20 and also charges a $6.99 deliver fee! Corporate orders have been the majority of orders they have received , according to Phil Dumontet, CEO of Dashed.

The only delivery center right now is the Dunkin Donuts in Somerville but Dumontet hopes that this will change and more locations will serve as delivery centers.

There are no plans to bring the service to the Southcoast, yet.