We’ve all heard about the 5-second rules that says if you drop food on the floor, it's safe to consume if it doesn’t sit there for more than five seconds. Outside Magazine just published a post about a study that was recently done regarding this rule, and its findings were rather surprising. I brought this up on the air earlier this week and I have to admit I have eaten food off of the floor as long as it had been about five seconds. I would never eat something liquid-y or warm off of the floor, cause that's bound to pick up gross things like lint and hair, but hey sometimes you just can't waste a cookie. Larry agreed with me that, yes, it's okay to do so but he added that if he sees hair or lint it is a no-go. I was not surprised that Michael Rock has never eaten something off of the floor. He has mentioned before that he is a germophobe and would never do such a thing. I'm totally with Larry on this.

So what about you? Do you follow the "5-second rule"? Take my poll here: