It hit me right around the time my kids were boarding their bus to be brought to school for the first time since Friday's horrific Newtown massacre.  Did I make a mistake by not talking to my 5 and 7 year old kids about the shooting?  My wife and I had spent most of the weekend methodically dodging tv news reports and shielding our children from the unspeakable horrors that took place in that sleepy Connecticut town.

I knew the pain that I was feeling, the fear chilling my veins as we learned more and more about the shootings and the shooter over the weekend.  I guess I just wanted to protect my children's innocence if I could.  As they headed to school, however, I worried that they may find out anyway.  I worried that the school may talk about it...or worse...that other kids on the bus might be talking about it.  I had regrets that maybe I failed them by not preparing them for that.  What are your thoughts?