Cher was at the TD Garden in Boston on Wednesday night and it seems all anyone can talk about is what she wore on stage.

No stranger to daring and revealing fashion, Cher is still pushing the limits with her aptly named "Dress To Kill" Tour. And though they're not Bob Mackie outfits, they are sparkly and over the top for sure!

In fact one elaborate outfit in particular has been making waves the last few days. Seems Cher donned a flesh colored bodysuit with fishnets, sparkly straps hanging everywhere and heart shaped pasties covering her nipples.

And she'll be 68 this May.

Of course there's plenty of people who are already saying she's too old to wear these kinds of outfits anymore, but she's clearly kept herself in shape and may in fact be pulling this look off. I mean, she's Cher...she will always wear whatever she wants.

So what do you think of her tour look? Too young for her? Or just Cher being Cher?