I had to stop for gas on my way into the radio station, and to my surprise, I was able to fill up my tank for UNDER $2 a gallon!  That doesn't seem to be the norm around the area though.

Most gas stations I've driven by in the last few days are between $2.15 and $2.39 per gallon (that's a big range!)

I decided to look into it, and the folks at AAA have done the research and found that self-serve, unleaded gasoline is at a 12 year low for the month of July.  The average price across the country is $2.21 per gallon, in Massachusetts the average is $2.28.

Some places are cheaper if you pay with cash, others you can save a certain amount if you go on a certain day.

The website GasBuddy.com also lists the cheapest gas prices from around the region.  You should be able to find your favorite gas station on the list.

So, what did you pay the last time you filled up?  And if you're wondering where I stopped... it was at the Cumberland Farms on Route 6 in Swansea.  Only $1.99 a gallon if you use their SmartPay app (10 cents more without it, which is still a pretty good deal!)