Charlie Baker might be earning himself a few extra votes after showing a human side to politics.

The final debate of the Massachusetts election for governor on Tuesday was, for the most part, a typical political debate. Republican Charlie Baker and Democrat Martha Coakley argued over taxes and other usual debate topics, but one question hit a little close to home for Baker.

The moderator asked the candidates when the last time they cried. Coakley responded she cried Tuesday when she attended a memorial service for a union organizer who died of leukemia.

Baker then began describing a discussion he had with a New Bedford fisherman. They talked about business and how politics effects the fishing industry, and the man began talking about his two sons. He said that his sons went to New Bedford High School and were both offered football scholarships and an opportunity to attend college. The fisherman told his kids they would not accept the scholarships, and they would be fisherman like their father, uncles, and grandfather. The fisherman said he ruined his sons' lives.

While describing the story, Baker needed to pause a few times choking up at the thought of his meeting. Baker said, "You hear those kinds of stories every day, and it's a big part of why people like you and me get into public service because we want to help people like that."