Porn Plays During CNN Programming on Thanksgiving
So this one is a bit of a doozy, but I'm not exactly sure how real it is because it appears to have only happened to one person in Boston...
Buzzfeed Reports:
Twitter user @solikearose shared several photos of her TV with BuzzFeed News, showing the programming information for Anthony Bourdain&Clo…
Open Letter to the Muslim Woman Who Prayed at Gillette
Dear "Samantha from Boston, Massachusetts"
I read the Facebook post you published on Muslims Everyday:
"My husband and i attended a football game, it was Duhur time and we needed to pray. Finding a place to pray at a football stadium is tough, but we managed to find an empty…
Moving to Canada?
About two dozen or so celebrities said that if Donald Trump was elected President that they would move to Canada.  You have to wonder if they really will?
Gisele Says She and Tom Brady Don’t “Back” Trump
So the big Patriots news of the day had nothing really to do with the field... It didn't really have to do with football either. It was a bit political...
TOM BRADY SUPPORTS DONALD TRUMP! SMART MAN! #draintheswamp https://t.co/s19bXkp7d5
— MADAME (@MagicRoyalty) November 8, 2016
Donald Trump got up on …
When is it Acceptable to go Topless on Halloween?
There is a burning question that I've had for so long. Simply put,  when is it acceptable to go no shirt for Halloween (if ever)?
For those of you that don't know me, I am super cheap. So when I was invited to a Halloween party last night I initially declined because I didn't want…

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