Daily Distraction

Dartmouth Police Warn Drivers of Lost Cow on Roads
As you may or may not know, there were recently two (2) separate motor vehicle crashes on Route 195 involving stray cows belonging to a local farm.
As a third cow is still missing, and believed to be in the area, the Board of Health is requesting that if you see the …
Graffiti at Profile Rock Getting Out of Hand
Freetown Police Department sends a warning to local taggers via Facebook.
"Dear Josh, Jay, Brii & Julia: You now have our attention. We have opened up a felony tagging investigation and look forward in meeting you soon. If anyone has any information in helping us identify these perpetrators …
Small Acts of Kindness on the Southcoast
Sometimes an ice cream cone is enough to brighten a bad day. The folks at Country Whip in Acushnet understand that. So when a gentleman was a little short on cash, they still served him. The next day, they posted a wonderful feel good story on their Facebook page:
"To the young man last night wh…
SnapChat Face Swaps Gone Wrong [PHOTOS]
It's not every day that you get to swap faces with people... Especially big time names such as Pink, Madonna or even Bruno Mars! Well, That's exactly what I did and it's simply just creepy.
We Typed ‘Why is New Bedford’ in Google
Just for fun, we typed 'Why is New Bedford' in Google and let the search engine finish our question for us. Only one suggestion popped up, but it was a good question! I never thought about why New Bedford was called New Beige. Maybe there was a good reason for the nickname...

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