The Casino Wharf FX, a well known local restaurant at Falmouth Heights came under fire this weekend for a post on its Facebook page that insulted local bands and DJ's.This leading to two new Facebook pages, the first calling for people to boycott the restaurant and the other celebrating the Cape and all it has to offer.


According to, the drama began on Friday evening when an administrator for the Casino Wharf’s Facebook page posted: “What a crazy night at the Casino wharf..downstairs is packed listening to the incredible “Bat” and up its Hypercane rocking the house.. Boston Bruins favorite band.. and the Casino ..where you see Quality Entertainment from Boston and beyond..not the local crap!”

I've never seen anything like this, as a local performer. I do my radio show and play on the Cape a lot. I live there, it's my home. I have put a lot into our way of life, as a lot of us locals do. A friend, T.M. Murphy, co-owner of the Silver Shores Shanty in Falmouth Heights summed it up with a new Facebook page listed as “Cape Cod Proud” yesterday that has just under 700 “likes” and has begun highlighting the people and places that make the region unique. It is described in the following manner: “Cape Cod is filled with talented LOCAL musicians, artists, DJ's etc. We have some of the best restaurants run by nice LOCAL people.

We also have Cape Cod Community College, one of the best in the state, that inspires young people to go for their dreams. This page celebrates Cape Cod as a whole and the uniqueness that is. Please support both these local pages in defense of these harsh words spoken by what was suppose to be a locally supported restaurant.

I also must say that If you truly want to visit a restaurant that embodies the local scene, visit the Pier 37 Boathouse on Scranton Ave! I was there Sunday with my daughter, eating clams and watching the great John Beninghoff play live guitar, what a treat!