This story out of Hyannis is so disturbing, I'm speechless. It speaks for itself. Cape Cod is known for its beaches and also something unbelievable and sad, lots of babies addicted to powerful and illegal drugs when they’re born.


According to WCVB-TV, The problem has tripled nationally over the last decade and is getting so bad, they had to come up with a clinical name for it: neonatal abstinence syndrome, or NAS for short. NAS describes the horror of a baby in withdrawal.

Just how bad is the problem on Cape Cod, last year alone, Cape Cod Hospital saw a massive 44 percent increase in NAS babies. Nationally, there's about 13,500 NAS babies born every year. Breaking down those numbers, that's about one per hour. Compare that with Cape Cod Hospital, the week before this story broke, the hospital was treating four NAS babies at once. We'll keep you posted on this troubling story as The Cape races to handle it's out of control opiate addiction problem.