Friday, May 30th was an average day for many people around the world, but in the small town of Shingle Springs, California, something that no one expected took place.

At the Ponderosa High School graduation, young Zachary Pickett, who had been left paralyzed from the waist down for 22 months after a horrific diving accident, stood up and walked across the stage. It was a moment that led to a standing ovation from all of his fellow classmates and teachers.

Zach's an inspiration for everybody," Zachary Pickett's former coach Alan Miller said. "I'm astounded Zach and the water polo team all graduated together. All seniors.

Pickett, who had been a life guard and standout on the school's water polo team, broke his neck after diving onto a sandbar, while at work. After the injury, there was fear that he may never walk again, especially not at his graduation. He set goals, however, and with support from his family, friends and the community he made his dream come true!

Congratulations Zach!!

Check out the video here: