Two brothers came to the rescue of 2 stranded motorists today. Adam Morales and his brother Frankie Santos were "out for a run" during the height of Hurricane Arthur today. Morales said they came upon a stranded car on Washington Street near Adams Street in Fairhaven. "The driver was trying to push his stalled car by himself in 7 inches of water," Morales told Fun 107, until the brothers helped him push it to the side of the road. Unfortunately, once the water got into the engine, the car was immobile.

TSM/Adam Morales

After getting the car settled, the brothers stumbled across another disabled vehicle, this time it was a man in a black truck...with similar results. The brother's advice to motorists? "Don't try to drive through flooded streets." After all, they can't run around the streets of Fairhaven for the entire storm.