Beautiful, friendly and rich with history, Boston was recently named one of the top 10 family-friendly cities for a vacation.   But don't even try to navigate the crowded, narrow streets on a weekday from behind the wheel of your car.  

You have a couple things going against you when you drive into the north end part of Boston on a weekday.   Many of the streets were designed in the days of horse and carriage.  I'm sure John Adams had little trouble travelling from Braintree to Faneuil Hall, but he wasn't competing for space with today's SUV's, trucks and busses.

The other reason not to drive into the city on a weekday is parking.   For just an hour or two, it can fun you anywhere from $22 to $35.   The garage where I parked this week had an exit that was on a different street from the entrance.   Pull out the phone quickly and type in the MapQuest while getting honked at because I'm in the turning only lane.

You will never ever hear me complain again about the traffic on King's Highway in New Bedford or Faunce Corner Road in Dartmouth.   Next time I travel to Boston I'll hop on the train in Lakeville and try to avoid disaster when I arrive downtown.