Boston Mayor Tom Menino has announced a central website to make donations to victims of the Boston Marathon Bombings. Mayor Menino says that this official site was set up because of the "outpouring of help" Boston has seen. 

This site will collect money to help people affected by the bombings who may need assistance during this time and in the months ahead.  Mayor Menino has urged people to go to that site and donate any resources you may have, citing inaugural donors such as:  John Hancock, Jack Connors, John Fish, Steve Pagliuca, Larry Lucchino, and The Boston Foundation.  Mayor Menino said their generosity demonstrates that "this tragedy is not going to stop Boston."


Unfortunately, some see a time of tragedy as a time to cash in on people's good nature.  Please remember that will be the central website for giving to this cause.  Giving to this cause through other vehicles should be done at your own risk.

It should also be noted that Governor Patrick is saying that there is a need for blood "on a sustained basis".  In other words, do not go and make a blood donation today.  Instead, make a blood donation to a local blood bank next week and the week after.