I'm not big on Bill O'Reilly or news programs similar to his, but I caught wind of something he said last night, and well, he is a jerk - actually, THE biggest jerk in America I would go as far to say.

O'Reilly blames UMASS Dartmouth for their lack of knowledge about the Boston Marathon bomber and his friends before the attack, and says "how many more bad students" go there. Excuse me Mr. O'Reilly, You need to check yourself right now. We the United States have thousands of foreign students studying in this country and thousands of American students overseas doing the same thing, and we have a huge immigration problems that the government cant seem to sort out because the feel its more important to spend billions of dollars on presidential vacations and to study the mating habits of the one eyed platypus.

You sir, are what is wrong with this country and should be ashamed for your actions.

Oh yeah, I forgot to make mention that the state of Massachusetts has the best schools in the nation, and that is a fact. Check out the video and try and figure out why Bill 'D-bag' O'Reilly still has a TV show.