While were very into the drama of the Super Bowl, many of us stuck around for the commercials. So what were the best 2013 Super Bowl commercials?

Funny, witty, and touching advertisements. That's what we expected, and that's what we got from the Super Bowl this year. Were they as good as other years? That's arguable, but they were entertaining nonetheless. So here are what we thought were the best Super Bowl commercials of the night.

Best Commercial Involving Robot Women Beating A Dude Up

Best Commercial With A Male Model Wearing Next To Nothing

Best Commercial With  Female Model Kissing A Dork

Best Commercial That Reminded Us A Little OF The Movie 'Little Giants'

Best Commercial With A Man Tackling A Cheetah

Best Commercial That Tugged At America's Heart-Strings

Honorable Mention: Dodge Trucks, or farmers. Whatever that was

Best Commercial Involving Someone From 'The Big Bang Theory'

So what was your favorite commercial of the night?