This isn't a facetious article where I say 'all women want is peace and quiet or for their men to do the dishes'. That stuff is true year round. No. This is a guide for men who really are at a loss on what to get their honies this Holiday season.


How do I know you may be asking, what is on women's wish lists? Well, I happen to be a woman. I think that gives me some credibility. So here you go gents. No need to send thank you cards or flowers when she smiles on Christmas Morning. This
is my public service for the week.

If she likes comfort and fashion: Ugg boots. They cover both of those and they'll keep her tootsies toasty all winter. So put down the sweater she probably won't like and get her a nice pair of boots.

If she works hard and never makes time for herself. She's run ragged with the kids all week and makes you massage her shoulders every night, spring for a full spa day. Get the massage, pedicure and facial. She'll be treated like a queen for a day as she should be.

If she loves to read and there is a book on the nightstand by your bed, get her an e-reader. The Kindle Fire is a great tablet or even an iPad. Depending on how much browsing or if she already has an iPhone, iPod and or Mac, the iPad maybe a better fit.

If you want to make her feel sexy, don't just get her a gift card to Victoria's Secret. Discreetly check her undergarment size and get her something tasteful that says 'merry Christmas, you're sexy'. If in doubt, a nice satin robe or night gown will work.

If she is a neat freak, Cleaning items are not a bad idea. My husband thought I'd fallen off my rocker when I asked for a shark steam mop. I have a regular mop, but all it does is push dirt around. So there I go every Saturday Morning on my hands and knees, hand washing all of our floors. Give her knees a break. Opt for a steam mop, or spring for maid service so she doesn't have to worry about it. (Warning, do not only give this gift. This and the spa treatment go well together.)

And last but not least, Every Woman loves a sparkle. Something as simple as a new charm for her Pandora Bracelet, to a pair of diamond earrings. It's hard to go wrong with jewelry. key things to consider; does she wear white gold? Yellow gold? Is she a fan of a certain gemstone? Be thoughtful in your selection.