Summers on the Southcoast have got to include a little beach time! So if you want to make the most of your time by the water this year, here is some gear you need to get!

A day at the beach is different for everyone. But whether you want to play with kids or just relax in the sand with a good book, this list of beach gear has something for everybody.

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    ECOXPRO Waterproof Case

    From iPods to Androids, this waterproof case protects them all! And it doubles as a speaker to listen to all your favorite tunes while enjoying some fun in the sun. The ECOXPRO has an inner mesh pocket (that can also holds your ID, keys, debit card and more!), you put your phone in, plug it to the case with an audio cable, then close the case and enjoy the music. The case is completely waterproof and even floats, so your summer soundtrack can hit the water with you!

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    CGear Sand-Free Tote

    This might be the greatest thing I have ever heard of! My biggest pet peeve of the beach is all the sand I bring back with me, but this bag will make that a thing of the past. The tote is actually made from special "one-way sift" material developed for military use, which keeps sand from getting on your suntan lotion, towel, book, phone,etc. The material is also very strong enabling you to carry a small cooler or a heavy bottle of water inside without breaking. And at only $25, it could be the best beach buy you make this season.

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    Zoe b Fantastic Beach Toys

    Keeping the kids entertained at the beach isn't always easy. And when you have to lug tons of beach toys for them to play with that can make it even worse. That's where Zoe b comes in. These flexible, light, biodegradable plastic beach toys are perfect for the kids and the environment. They're free of BPA, PVC, phthalates, and other cancer-causing chemicals and if the kids leave them behind, they'll actually disintegrate in two to three years!

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    It's not all about the kids having fun in the sun, you want to too! That's why you need to try Rollors. The game is part bocce, part bowling, and part horseshoes and involves players tossing or rolling solid maple wood disks toward either of two goals. The one that lands the closest to the goal scores a point and as usual, the most points wins. The game was actually invented by an Air Force major who was stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq, where sand friendly games were probably a requirement. It's just $40 and comes in a convenient carrying case!

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    Stanley Adventure Cooler

    All that fun and games can make you thirsty and though you could go for the fold up or Styrofoam coolers, Stanley has got a much better option you may want to upgrade to this year. This 16QT cooler can hold nine cans of soda or beer and will keep them cold for 27 hours! Plus the durable material means it can double as a seat and there's even dry storage inside to store your phone out of sight.

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    WakaWaka Charger

    You know your using your phone at the beach, so let the sun help you charge it! The WakaWaka Charger may sounds strange, but it's super cool. Using solar power you can keep your iPhone at full power for up to two hour and though it may take time to charge with just the sun, it also come with a USB cable to get it up to full power even faster. You can also help out folks in the Philippines with every purchase. WakaWaka has a buy one, give one program that sends a charger to a Philippine family in need.

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    Sunmate Sun Shelter

    And if fun in the sun isn't your thing, you can still enjoy a day at the beach with the Sunmate Sun Shelter. This portable cabana folds up to the size of a small shoulder bag, but gives a family of four a shady spot to relax. The tent is also stable on those windy summer days. The sides contain pockets that you can fill with sand to give your shelter extra support!

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