I am wrapping up my annual July vacation and getting ready to head back to work tomorrow morning.I'm reflecting on my week off and what I was able to accomplish with my free time.  I thought I'd make a 'to-do' list for myself, but nah, that seemed like 'work' to me, and the whole point of my vacation was to relax and not work!  So I skipped that and just went with the flow.

In a nutshell, what I did was relax at the spa with a facial, mani and pedi (using a gift card that I got for my birthday! Thanks M-I-L!), get a much needed massage (again with the gift card, this time from Christmas, thanks Ma!), cleaned my house from top to bottom, a very belated spring cleaning and de-clutter, slept in late, and of course, ate a bunch of tasty yet bad-for-me food.

Every thing I did on my vacation had a fab after effect, except the eating. Oops. I'm relaxed, well-rested, house is spotless, but I would like to be more energetic and less bloated. :(

So, I thought I'd look up ways online to get rid of the 'I ate too much on vacation' feeling...and I found something called a 'Fat Flush'...hmm, interesting!

It's all natural, using things you'd find right in your own kitchen or grocery store!  I like that!  I have done my share of diets/cleanses/fasts in the past, but I've never done a 'flush'. If you are coming back from vacation mode, and like me, ate way too much, and wanna do something about it, naturally...here's how to do the fat flush!

2 Liters of Water

1 Tangerine, cut up into sections

1/2 of a sliced Grapefruit

1 sliced up Cucumber

4 Peppermint or Spearmint Leaves


Mix it all together in a pitcher at night before bed and drink throughout the entire next day.

Here are the benefits of what you're using in your fat flush: Tangerines increase sensitivity to insulin, stabilize blood sugar, and stimulate genes to burn fat.  Grapefruits increase metabolic energy, burn fat and increase energy.  Cucumbers help you feel more full, and less bloated, and the mint aids in digestion.  So there you have it! I'm going to give it a whirl and let you know how it turns out!