Good looks are fleeting.  According to a survey by Allure magazine, the consensus was that men look their best at age 34, while women hit their peak of attractiveness at 30.  People who responded to the survey say that it's pretty much all downhill after that with women exhibiting signs of age by 41 and they stop looking "sexy" when they turn 53.   Women are considered "old" at age 55.   Meanwhile, men supposedly show aging signs when they turn 43 and are looking "old" at age 59.   As for the dreaded gray hair, the general opinion was that it looks "distinguished" on men but only serves to make women look "old."   When asked which celebs are aging well, George Clooney topped the list.  Others who appear to defy the aging process include Brad Pitt, Richard Gere, Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts.