So we all know how major companies and local tribes are duking it out for the right to build a gaming resort in Southeastern Massachusetts. A very hot button issue right now about the future of our part of the state. Personally, I'm all for a gaming resort somewhere on the coast, it will bring new life to the area and jobs. Not to mention infrastructure improvements.

On the other hand, I don't not agree that this gaming resort should be at Intersection of Routes 24 and 140 in Taunton. Really? Right there? You couldn't find a better spot? It's gotta be right next to the worst interchange in the state, when it comes to how small it is and how many accidents go on in that stretch. That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

Sometimes I wonder how people come up with this crap. I mean, clearly it's the worst place possible. How about on the water,by the harbor, with hotels, shopping, restaurants and classy night spots. I'm no genius here, but I'm sure you can see my point. what do you think?  Take the poll.