S.P.U.G. stands for 'The Society for the Prevention of Useless Giving.' It was a group that assembled in 1912 when women felt pressured into giving extravagant gifts to their bosses or superiors in exchange for work favors, or a raise. Small bribes at Christmas time don't really count, right? Well these gifts (that could cost upwards of two weeks worth of wages) would set these women back in their savings so much, that they got fed up with it and began their own War on Christmas.

I am not a "give for the sake of giving" type. To be completely honest, I never considered getting a gift for my bosses (sorry guys). They host the Christmas party every year and I show up with doughnuts the day before everyone takes off for the holiday. Food really brings all of us together here at the station.

Talking about this on air led to someone calling in and telling us that she also gives a Christmas present to the mail carrier and her waste management crew. They all get gift cards to Dunking Donuts, or something like that. Again, never thought of that before, but it is really nice of her. I guess it depends on your relationship with the person, because I gave a small gift card to my hair dresser last year. I've also known her since I was 16, so that may be why.