You've done it before I bet. Left for work, drove a few miles, then realized - OOPS, my cell phone! I left it at home! What did you do then? Ahh, you turned around and got it because you couldn't bear the thought of not having it with you all day.

I did that once, but i did NOT turn around to get it, and guess what....I didn't really miss it. I have a phone at my desk at work, so if is was important enough, people could call me on the regular phone. As for everything else, not really missed at all.

There is a restaurant in Los Angeles that gives customers 5% off the bill if they surrender their phones during the duration of dinner. I think thats a great idea.

Too many people walking around these days with their heads buried into the phone. Stop, look around, its a beautiful world out there. (at least some of the time)