So far this year, The area's Gang Task Force has seized 30 illegal handguns from the streets of Fall River.   That includes 4 firearms that have been confiscated so far in October.

Last Thursday, the task force seized a loaded 12-guage pump-action sawed-off shotgun, several rounds of .380-caliber ammunition, a .357 caliber bullet, several shotgun shells and a revolver from an apartment on Hargraves Street while arresting a suspected gang member.   Earlier in the month, the task force seized a .22-caliber automatic pistol loaded with 9 rounds of ammo, and a .45 caliber simi-automatic pistol with 7 rounds.

The Fall river Police chief says he feels many robberies may have been prevented by the seizure of these weapons.   Mayor Will Flannigan said that federal, state and local agencies will continue to go after the bad guys in the city, block by block and neighborhood by neighborhood.