Another late night TV great is taking himself out of the game!

David Letterman announced today that he is going to retire from Late Night when his contract with CBS ends in 2015.

As I learned from Kevin Fitzpatrick of ScreenPop, Letterman is ready to end his 31-year run on TV next year. Kinda sad!

Though he joked about giving himself a few more years "to fully run the show into the ground," Letterman is still at the top of his game in my opinion and had a hilarious #selfie moment just last night with Lady Gaga and Bill Murray

But all I can think about is who the heck replaces him? Who else gets to the point with celebrities like Dave does?

I mean we all knew that Jimmy Fallon was going to take over the Tonight Show, but there's no one really set to take over the reins for David Letterman.

So who do you think will get this gig? Or who would you want to see get this gig if you could choose anyone at all to take over?